Sunday, April 25, 2010

CONTENTED..for now Part Two

CONTENTED ... for now


A Well Spanked
Contented Wife
Well my last post was all about the Friday that I got home.
The spanking that I received was for my very bad attitude on St Paddy's day.
And of falling asleep in my husbands arms, a well spanked and contented wife.

Part Two

Now Saturday morning I awoke to my sailor nibbling on my neck,
Rubbing his coarse beard over my shoulders and neck.
He knows that drives me wild.
His work rough hands stroking my back,
down over my hips,my butt,thighs, inner thighs,
back up my thighs to my butt.
Squeezing,and teasing.

He soon has me squirming and wanting to be taken over his knee
Sailor pulls me over onto my side,
just enough for the big pillow to be put in place
He helps me roll over onto the pillow
I arch my butt towards his hand,
waiting for that first gentle smack.
"Oh No, me Baby Girl," says he to me.
You'll no be enjoying this spanking.
At least not to start.

Have you forgotten your fib to me,
by error of omission.
The truth I learned from your Granddaughter.
I told you this transgression
would be written in me book. that we would talk about it.
(Damn his steel trap memory, and book)
(I did not say that to him though)
And talk about it,we did,
or rather he talked about it,
and I listened
as he paddled my already sore backside,

Well after 20 or 30 sound smack
Sailor man put the paddle down
and was gently and soothingly rubbing my very red butt.

Very shortly I found myself pulled to the edge of the bed,
And with an urgency that matched my own
My sailor man and I lovingly gave
of ourselves to each other.

Later as I lay cradled in his arms,
We talked about our life together.
And how it is at the moment.
And how it will be in the future
when I am finally home for good.

The main thing I have to remember is that
there are Two of us in this relationship.
That we share everything,good and bad,
No matter if we are together or apart.
as long as we are always open
and honest with each other,
and discuss things,
then our love
will always see us through.
And I know that my sailor man will always
help keep me on the right path.

While I am in Canada, and He is in the US
I make sure that I visit my Beloved Ocean
 least every other day.
And at least once a day
we speak on the phone.


ronnie said...

You had a wonderful reunion Lil sams, so happy for you.

I hope he's not away too long this time.


Elysia said...

lil sam,
A book huh! Darn, is he clever! He sure does know how to take care of business.
You sound so happy and your love is so apparent in every post. You two are having a wonderful beginning!

Hermione said...

Lovely! Isn't it wonderful to be in safe harbour once more.


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Ty x for your comment sam...I feel a lot less grouchy today...

I enjoyed reading your post...It is strange {or not lol} how we feel contented when we have got a sore bottom...

Your Sailor sounds like the perfect Masterful Dom...

Karen x

Florida Dom said...

Hope things are going well and you return soon.


sixofthebest said...

Yes, Lil Sams, we both have a wonderful mutual community that we joyfully belong to that is we are both SPANKO'S.