Thursday, November 15, 2012


I know that this is off topic for this site, but you wonderful people have shared so much of my life,
that I felt a great need to share this  with you.
Blessed Be my dear friends


I try not to take anything for granted, but I am  after all, only human,

I am truly one of the luckiest and richest women alive.
I have the most wonderful, down to earth husband, with whom
I share a most joyous and unconditional love and respect.


We have a small simple home in the country,
and the necressities of life.
We have many friends who say they feel so welcome and at home in our home.


My husband is a chief engineer on Tug boats.
As a result,  he is out at sea alot.
But when he is home we are almost always together.
We work together both inside and outside our home.
We share a love of the outdoors,
Whether it be walking on the beach watching a sun rise
or sitting on our front porch watching the sun set.
Many an evening  will find us curled up together sharing a bowl of popcorn
and watching a movie.

Me being a typical wife,
I revel in the love we share and the simple joys of life.
Knowing in my heart of hearts that we will always be together.
That when our time comes to cross over, we will go together.
(What a Dreamer)




I had not been sleeping well for several nights.
Each time that I awoke,
my love was in the forefront of my thoughts.
I knew in my heart that he was in grave danger.

Once again I turned to the God and Goddess of the mighty Seas.
The sea was angry, and I knew it would be many times worse where my love was.
As i stood there with tears on my face, and my feet in the cold angry sea,
I told the  Spirits of the fear that was in my heart.
I begged them, Please spare my love his life, and the lives of his shipmates.

Once again my Beloved Ocean wrapped her love and strength around me, giving me the strength and courage that I would need to deal with whatever was to come.
Reminding me yet again, of who was in charge.


Then early one morning the call came.
I heard the trembling voice of my husband.
He said to me," We are safe, but I was scared."

My love does not scare easily, but this time he was very much afraid.
I so desperately wanted to reach through the phone and wrap him in the safe harbour of my arms, and hold him close until the trembling stopped, and  once again he felt safe and secure.

For several days they had worn their survival suites,
being tossed around on the angry seas.
Till finally the Coast Guard airlifted them to safety.

As I sit here several days later, waiting for time to pass to go pick my husband up from the airport,
I think of how very close we came to being separated permanently.
Our life thus far flashes ever so quickly through my thoughts.
I see the void our love for each other has filled,
I also see the void that would return should I forever lose the love of my life.
Once again I am reminded of  how precious and short life is
and that I must not take a single moment of it for granted.


So when I pick my husband up, I will rejoice in the knowledge that we are once more securely wrapped in the unconditional love that we find in the safe harbour of each others arms.

I thank the Angels for  watching over my husband and the his shipmates.
I humbly thank the God and Goddess of the Mighty Seas for sparing their lives.

So my friends, live life to the fullest, rejoice in the simple joys and pleasures of life.
Try to never take for  granted the wondrous Blessings the we are given each and every day.


Blessed Be