Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ups and Downs


I am stuck here in Canada,
The end of Julywe ran into an immigration officer that we were warned about.
The officer got it into her head that I was already living in the US
She raised a stink, and now I have to stay in Canada til my Green Card comes through.
Thank goodness my sailor man can still come up here.
but every time she is on duty, he is pulled over and the car is searched.
We have found out that there are 8 others that she picks on,
and no one knows why.
This we found out from our Lawyer.
My sailorman has been out to sea since Aug 1st.
Will be here with me the middle of December.

Spirits of the Sea

Hello my Dear Friends

No I have not forgotten you, How could I.
You were there when I came to you as a confused and lost soul.
I was so afraid of what the reception might be,
But I thought,
Hey, I've been shot down before,
Can not get shot down much lower than I already am,
What  a WONDERFUL surprise I got.
For you all...
You accepted me as I was,
Took me under you wing,
Reassured me,
Comforted me,
Lifted me up
Guided me
Helped me grow

You have shared my ups and down,
the good times and not so good.

I know that I have been gone for some time, and alot has happened.
My sailor man knows I blog, and has asked me not to blog when he is home,
He does not really like the idea of me sharing our life with others.
So I keep a journal of what I do during the day while he is gone,
It seems to satisfy him, for he no longer asks if I blog, so I do not offer
So I lurk in the shadows of your blogs,
And spend as much time with my beloved sea as possible.
There have been some nasty fits thrown down at the sea  of late.
Hence the sea picture.

Yes the girl is me throwing a hissy fit.
and my stern sailorman throwing  the lightening at me
He knows I love the lightening, but
I really do not want the effects of that lightening when he gets home,
but I know I will get it,
and I really do deserve it.

My Sailorman was ill for awhile and was getting worse
His captain put him ashore the end of June and made him see a Dr.
I left work and went home to him and we saw the Dr. together to get the results.
First thing she said was,"you are lucky you are alive!"
Turns out that my love is a diabetic,
his sugar had been up  around 1250 for a very long time.
that is why he kept falling asleep,
and could not remember doing some things.
we now have him back on his feet and back to work,
and being himself  once more
Which is not good for me,
As you all know, I am a slow learner

I try not to be cranky when he phones,
which is not often due to no signal,
I know it is not easy for him either,to be away
And yes there have been a few times,
Okay alot of times....
when I have not heard the warning tone or his warning
that is until it is to late..
then his"Baby Girl, You are in big trouble" 
finally gets through.
So then it is back down to the beach,
It always amazes me, how an angry sea can take away all of
my anger,most of my frustration,
Lift my spirits again and help me carry on.
What has also helped me alot,
is being able to read your blogs late at night when sleep eludes me.
Please forgive me for not blogging before now, but had I blogged they would have been
very angry ones.
Thank you for being there,
for just being my friend.

Megga hugs to you and yours

Lil Sam


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