Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogging Family

Our Blogging Family
During the last few days I have been asked what the Spanking Community was like.
Were they really supportive, or was that just talk.

I tried to explain how we support each other.
Never crittical, but always encouraging.
Never judgemental, always supportive
Said the first blog I saw was Bonnie's,  then Hermione's
And from there the friendships just kept growing.

I found a poem, in which I have change a few words.
But for me, it sums up how I see my Blogging Family

Through days of tears and laughter
We found a time to share.....
The days, the months, the years,have formed a kinship
that's beautiful and rare,

Our hearts were made to coincide -
God planned our roles on Earth.....
He created us as  family -
By Love and Friendship - not through our birth.

original poem by author unknown

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Very Slow Learnef

The Calm Sea after the Storm
Slow learner

Well I am now in trouble BIG TIME
Seems sailor was IM'ing with my granddaughter,
And she spilled the beans

When ever sailor and I talked, I have always been able to
as he puts it wiggle away from something I do not want to talk about.
And that is exactly what I have been doing for some time, when it came to questions about my health.
I always had a sneeky feeling that he did not believe me.

Well in this mornings email there was a big one liner
then my granddaughter emailed and said "Sorry ", I thought he Knew.

I seem to be such a slow learner,
And just do not listen to the voices of the spirits.

With work the way it was going,
and other life problems,

Instead of going down to the ocean,
I tried to handle everything alone,
and ended up getting very badly run down

Even when I was home in February,
I was able to wiggle out of questions,
Only because we had so much
going on.

By the time I did get to the beach,
The tide seemed to be so far out,
And I felt as though I was stranded on a sandbar,
With an angry sea between me and the shore
I had no choice but to stop and listen ,
I sat down on the wet sand and cried,
and begged for the healing help of the sea

And ...........

My beloved ocean recued me once again
And as the waves abosorbed my tears,
and gently teased my toes

She entered my heart and soul, and made me hear ,
that which I needed to hear.

She removed the chains of doubt from my mind and heart.
Showed me the special man that I am married to.
She restored my balance and my strength,
Then showed me the path back to shore,

Seems one must become lost,
in order to find their way.

So now with feet back firmly on the ground,
I phoned my sailor,

I explained to him what has been going on,
And that having never had someone that ever stood beside me,
I just naturally tried to handle things alone.
And in doing so, for a time I forgot him, and the sea.

We talked along time,
We cried together,
And we laughed.

Then he said we would discuss this further, when I do get home.
I asked him if this was another entry in his darn book
He said yes, but the sentence would be reduced,
But I would not be let off the hook
Sailor said that I have to learn that there are two of us now
to handle all problems.

Perhaps once I am home to stay,
having someone to share things with will become natural to me.

I sure hope so.

I am so very lucky to have such a loving and caring husband
One who is so patient with me
And who I know deep in my heart ,
will always be there for me and for us.
I just have to remember that.

My friend Dr Ken once said to me:

Sure, the tide ebbs...
but it always flows back in,
and when it does,
it can be overwhelming and fulfilling
and he hoped I always found high tide...

Well I do have alot of high tides, but also many low ones
but since I met all of you wonderful friends
The low ones are easier to deal with, cause there is always someone to talk to.

Hugs to all
Lil Sam

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Luck of the Irish....NOT!

The Luck of the Irish
Well I have gone and done it now. I am in trouble big time.
Wednesday,Saint Paddy's Day was not a good one for me.
And the so called Luck of the Irish just got up and Left me to my own devices.
Not good idea.
Sailor and I are on web-cam every morning and evening.

So St Paddies Day started out with minor misunderstanding with sailor, and him telling me that I was lucky that I am getting over the flue, otherwise he would be making note of my bad attitude.

Well now it does appear that I just might not be the Brightest Shamrock in the Garden.
Because just before I signed off to leave for work,
My brain disengaged and my mouth engaged.

Not good. For I told sailor he could stuff his book.

I guess I was not really paying attention, for I did not see the look he gave me, and he said to me,
 "Baby Girl, You is in trouble, big time,"

Now the average wife would apologies and keep the mouth shut..Right...Not
I have to have last word so I say," Yeah right!" and sign off.

Well my day went from bad to worse, trouble with clients, car acted up.
Went to class at 6:30 and had 2 bad coughing spells during class.
Was late home from class, short chat with hubby and off to bed.

Did not sleep very well. Woke up Thursday morning in a very bad mood.
Which is very very unusual for me.

Anyway, sailor was already on web-cam when I came on-line.
Asked him what the hell he was doing up so early.
He said I see my baby girl is not in any better mood this morning.
And once more warned me to watch my attitude.
I said Or what.

That is when I realized  that I had slept in, he was not early I was late, Said oh Sh-- , have to go, and ran,

Well when I got home tonight, there was message.


So now I Wait for sailor to get home and back on-line.
I know my beloved Sailor man will not discuss the past few days, but I also know he will not forget.
And when I get home again, I am in soooooooooooo much trouble.
I would send him a sweet letter of apologia, but I know that would not help.

Anyone out there know how I can save some of the hide on my bottom end?

No,eh. Oh well  guess in time I will have to face the music
Please keep me in your thoughts.

Tis a tad late  for Saint Paddies Day
But may this Blessing be with all
every day

An Old Irish Blessing

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.

May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours


Lil Sam

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A New and Exciting Year

WOW 2010
I have gone over anonther post, seems I have used this pixie before.
I Like Angels and Pixies, Pixies have a very special meaning for me.

Here I am in March already , sure do not know were the time has gone.
So much has happened so far this year,

First of all, I hope that this post finds all my friends, and those that I have yet to meet,are well and happy.

I visited A Marines Wife's blog today. She has an awesome blog.
Welcome my friend

Will be checking in with all my friends and their blogs soon. Have missed you all.
Please forgive me for neglecting you.

Well my husband got to Canada the middle of January for 3 days, not long but better than none.
Then I was able to go home  to him in February for 5 glorious days.
We spent our first Valentines day together.

In my last post, I spoke of my friend and her question about the ocean.
Well, I am working hard to be a better friend, and to listen more closely.
My friend and I have been making more time to be together this year.
As a result we have enjoying many walks together,as well as many long talks.
I have found new ways of drawing her out, and getting her to talk more.

I explained to her, my intrest in Wicca and what it stands for,
What it means to me.
Introduced her to the strength of my beloved Ocean,
and to the Peace and tranquility of the forest.
My friend said the other day that she now understand
How the ocean gives me strength and renews my spirit.
She  now also enjoys fully the peace and tranquility that we share
as we walk through the forest.
My friend and I have always shared a special bond,
But we now seem to have a new bond , one that is stronger,like that of sisters. 
She now feels freer to lean on me during her troubled time
especially right now, with her  husband ailing.

As for me, I  am in the process of helping my roommate find an apt. that she can afford on her own.
Once she is settled then I can take care of me.
I am hoping to be able to move home to my sailor man permanently by the end of summer.
But time will tell.

Until then,
I shall continue to enjoy the adventures of life,
and all that it has to offer.
Both the ups and downs.
I will continue to protect all that I hold dear,
Family,Friends, and all of nature,
And when all is said and done
I know the arms of my sailor man await me.
And in them a safe and happy harbour awaits.
To all 
Blessed Be