Friday, December 26, 2008

First off thank your to all the wonderful people that left comments. Your opinons and encouragements mean alot to me.
Hopefully one day I will be able to write about my first experience.
When that happens I will certainly want to share it with all you wonderful people.
As for Christmas, Santa has made sure that I have been kept busy at work.But it has given me alot to smile about, just knowing that I have brought some peace to the lives of others.
For the next 6 days I will be working 10pm to 6 am, providing a much needed relief for the family.
I have enjoyed reading alot of different Blogs and have alot yet to read and learn.
The best to all of you in the coming year

Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21 2008
It has been snowing off and on since the 14th, and I have been grounded since the afternoon of the 17th due to bad tires, and to much snow.
And it is still snowing, I am getting cabin fever. I want out. I am starting to feel like Garfield hanging from the screen door and looking out.
As a result of being grounded, I have had way to much time to visit my favorite websites,
Taken in Hand, My Bottom Smarts, Journey to the Darkside, and Spanking Pixie.
The more I check out these sites, the more I realize just how much I have missed out on,and how good it feels to know that I am not weird or have a sick mind.
Last night I read Bonnie's topic of"" What I want for Christmas. "
And of coarse it put my mind into over drive.
I can't believe I actually had the nerve this morning to leave my comment along with the other comments.
These websites make me realize just how much of a sheltered life style I have lived, and how much I have missed out on.
To be completely honest, I have to say that a Taken in Hand life style is closer to what I need.
I am a very physical person. I prefer / need physical work as a posed to say desk work.
I use to enjoy a good wrestling match with my sweetie.
So I know that I would never willing go across my ,partners knee for a good spanking,
especially when it is really needed because I am in a pissed off mood and looking for a fight.
My partner would have to be willing and able to Take me in Hand and take me over his knee or what ever by force, with me kicking and fighting all the way.
This would sure to be alot better solution to problem,as apposed to the silence that was usually the norm whenever I got into a snit .
I am sure that a good spanking would have righted the problem in no time atal.
However, by the same token, if my partner was just in the mood, or felt the need to be giving me a spanking, he could very easily get me to go willingly over his knee,
He were to stoke,rub and tease my butt. It would not take much for him to have me asking to be spanked.
My darling DL use to tease me that way,but he would never spank me, I Finally gave up trying to get him to give me the spanking I craved.
Well that's enough nattering for now, I want to post this and then check out "spanking pixie's" site alittle more.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A little more about Lil Sam

Who lil Sam is: and some of what she likes

I am a single female, 57 yrs old, who needs a spanking.

I am a Nurse Aid and spend alot of time away from home as I care for people in thier own homes. Doing shifts usually of 4 days and nights in and 4 out. However, I sometime do longer shifts.
I like to walk on the beach in all types of weather, love stormy seas, walks through the forest.

I Love trucks of all sorts, especially old trucks 1940's and up or older, I like big trucks, 18 wheelers.
Really Love motorcycles, have just gotten my motorcycle learners license.
Looking to buy a motorcycle in the New Year.
I prefer listening to music rather than watching TV.
My favorite music is country, however I do enjoy a wide verity of music, depending on my mood and the setting.
I have only been in vanilla relationships, (3 to be exact).
First one was 21 yrs with a very abusive husband.
2nd relationship was an affair I had with M (that lasted 4 yrs) near then end of my marriage and for a few years after my husband and I split up.
M had been a good friend for many years, one that I always had to work at keeping at arms length, I was never to sure just what he would do if I truly relaxed around him when we were alone.
Well I found out shortly after my husband and I split.
M came to visit and I decided to relax and see where things went.
Well,before I knew what was happening M had me on the table minus my panties and giving me the only oral sex I had ever had.
M took me to a heights that I never knew existed.
M really enjoyed giving oral sex and never seemed to get enough.
He did not really enjoy receiving oral sex.
M was not into spankings either, he thought the idea was weird and sick,subject was never brought up again.

Our affair ended when DL and his wife split up,(1995) which was 6 yrs after my separation.
There was no way that I would ever cheat on DL>

DL, had been my best friend for 22 yrs and was soon to become my partner and soul mate.

We were best friends,soulmates and partners for the next 12 yrs.
I soon realize that spankings of any sort were out of the question with DL as well.
DL said that he had never hit a woman and was not about to start now. Besides the idea of it was just too weird for him. All things aside DL was still a great lover, just the same.
My sweet one passed away in 2006 and for the next year and a half I did nothing but work.
Then one day I over heard a young girl telling her friend about the spanking she had received from her boyfriend the night before. And how much fun it was.
Well that conversation awoke longings that I thought I had buried long ago. Guess not buried deep enough.
When I finally got home again a week later,it was onto the Internet for me.
BOY, did I ever get my eyes opened. I found sites that I never knew existed.
I read about people enjoying things that I thought were just in my sick, warped little mind.
I visited such interesting sites as "Taken in Hand", " Bonnie's site> My Bottom Smarts", " The Journey to the Dark Side" to name but a few.
I wish that I could IM with one or two of the ladies from some of these sites. I have so many questions.
How wonderful it is to realize that I am not as weird as I thought I was, that there are ladies out there that truly want to be spanked and truly enjoy spankings, and many other thing as well.
For the past 5 - 6 months thoughts of being spanked never seem to be far from my mind.
The very thought of being taken over the knee, having my skirt raised and panties lowered, and knowing that a spanking is *coming next, and that there is nothing I can do about it really turns me on.
After visiting some of the afore mentioned sites I have realized that my fantasies are not so weird or sick after all.

I would also like to be taken in hand by another woman.

I have fantasized for years about what it would be like to be completely controlled by another woman, to be forced over her knee or what ever, my skirt raised, panties lowered and to be soundly spanked by her. To have her remove my clothing, to feel her hands and mouth posse my body. To have to show her my gratitude, under the treat of another spanking if I don't.
Well time for bed, alone again.