Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Post of 2009

A friend asked me :
"Where the heck have you been these past many months"
She told me that it been said that I had been seen down at the beach alot.
She asked me how could I find such a horrible place so interesting.

Well the first thing that ran through me was annoyance.
But just very briefly, for annoyance with my friend or anyone is not allowed.
Next was empathy for my friend.
For she is not a very happy soul,
and does not see to very much of the beauty around her.

We made a date to walk and visit the first weekend in the New Year.
She headed home, and yes you guessed it,
I headed to the beach.

I arrived just as the sun was starting to go to rest for the day.
Colouring the sky in beautiful rainbow colours.
The soft rich colours reflecting on the ocean waves,
gave my heart such a lift.

There I sat, in a quiet little cove, on an isolated beach,
beckoned there by the call of the sea,
I realize that I am powerless,
I can not fight the call of the sea,
I must obey
I must be there to feel, to hear, and to absorb all
that Nature and God has to give me and to teach me.

So here I sit
listening to the sound of the waves,
the cries of the gulls,
My body absorbing the gentle soft salty spray from the ocean waves,
Enjoying the heavenly scent of the intoxicating salt air.
My eyes painting the scene before me on the canvas of my mind and my heart.
So that whenever I close my eyes, the beauty of life is always there for me to see and enjoy.

Once again I feel the strength and power of my beloved ocean,
as she lovingly surrounds me with her strength and gently teases my toes.

 once more I am lifted up from the earthly plain.
I feel such joy and complete peace fill my heart and soul.

All cares are taken from me,
And the year plays out before me,

I see of my sad friend, and now knew how to help her.
I see all  of the wonderful people who entered my life this past year.
I think of all my internet friends, and wish them well
I thought of all the loved ones that passed from this world to the next.
Happy that they have been apart of my life
I see the smiling face of my beloved New Husband,
And I thought of the joy and contentment that we have brought to each others lives.
And asked for many years to share this joy together.

I thought of a year filled with lots of ups and downs
A year filled with challenges aplenty.
A year filled with laughter and tears, both happy and sad.

I give thanks for this year that is about to end,
and thanks for the New Year that is about to start.

As I once more became aware of being back on the beach,
With cold wet toes
And a bright moonlit path back to my car,
I remembered a verse that was given to me many many years ago.
And until this nigh, did not mean much to me,
For I did not really understand it.
But this night it became clear.

I will share it with you,
Say good night,
Blessed Be
Meet you all in the
New Year

Yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision,
But..today, well lived
Makes every yesterday
A dream of Happiness.
And every tomorrow
A Vision of Hope
So look well, therefore,
to this day

Hugs to all
Lil Sam

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you to Special Friends and Merry Christmas

Special Friends

Friendship is important
to all Creatures
This post may be somewhat similar to my last post,
 but I can not tell you how very much I appriciate all of you,
and how thankful I am for your friendship.

My place of peace and strength

I am not sure if it is the season, or the fact that I miss my husband so very much, that has me feeling so sentimental.

But for what ever the reason, tonight I sit here listening to a relaxation CD of Ocean waves and rereading some of my first few posts
So many changes have take place in my life since those first posts.
When I first found the Taken in Hand website, that lead me to all of you, I was so unsure, and afraid of what the reaction would be.
Never in my life have I ever trusted anyone as I did all of you.
 Nor allowed anyone to know so much about me.
I am so grateful that I did. I made many new and wonderful friends during those first post.
I grew. I gained the courage to search for the true me, and gained the confidence to embrace the changes in my live, and to accept the guidance of my friends.
I said good bye to some people from the past with no regret.
Met someone very special who became my friend, and then my husband, my best friend and soul mate.
With the welcome and acceptance that I received from you, a fair sized crack appeared in my protective shell.
It did not take my new husband long to completely destroy my protective shellcompletly, and to teach me that I was not alone, and never would be again, and that I was truly safe with him, and always would be.
My Sailor and I are two of a kind. both very stubborn, and strong willed.
He is the only one that knows how to handle me. He knows my stengths and weaknesses
We may be apart now due to his work, but the bond that we share strengthens each and every day.
We both thrive on challenge, and this is just one of many that will come our way.
I look forward to sharing those challenges as they come about.
But in the meantime, I want to Thank all of you for being a very important part of my life thus far,
For sharing my growth and sharing your lives with me.
Merry Christmas to you and yours and the Very Best to all in 2010

Friday, December 18, 2009

My first year of Blogging

My first year of Blogging

I have been through so many changes this past year,
 Grown so much, met so many wonderful people.

Last night and tonight I have been enjoying a trip through many spanking blogs,

And I got to thinking about a night 1yr and 7wks ago, when I found the Taken in Hand site.

I got reading that site, forgot about time and forgot that I had to go to work in the morning, LOL
OOPS, it was 4:30 am and I had to be up at 6 for work.
But I could not get enough of that blog and the many sites that I visited from there
I remember thinking that night/early morning, that there must be something wrong with me.
Here I was, suppose to be a mature adult. So what was I doing searching for spanking sites.
Why would any so called mature woman want to be spanked or feel she needed to be spanked?

Well that site made me feel alittle better,.

From there I visited many blogs, with the first one being Bonnies MY Bottom Smarts.
What a fantastic site that was, and how it got my mind and imagination working,
I was so excited to learn that there were others that enjoyed or wanted to be spanked.
To know that I was not as weird as I thought I was.

From there I visited Spanking Pixie and Journey to the Darkside, .
I just could not seem to read enough.
What wonderful and fantastic people I met on these sites.
So open and honest about their needs, wants,and their life style.

Finally on December 19th 2008, I created my blog and posted for the very first time.As I reread the first post of my blog. 
I remember how much I shook as I typed it.

Thank goodness for spell check.
I made so many spelling mistakes.

I was excited, yet scared.
Hoped I would be accepted yet so very sure  that I would end up being flamed.

I might have been 57 yrs old, but I felt like a very naughty child.
It took me three days to get up the nerve to check my blog.

I was so surprised at the warm welcome, the comments and encouragement I received from so many people, that the tears fell like rain.
I am still amazed that I started a blog, let alone shared so much of myself with people I did not yet know.
I have not posted all that often, but when I have, I have always been accepted for myself.
When I have felt confused or alone my friends have always been there for me with encouragement.
Some of you even email me privately and shared words of wisdom with me. You have all helped me grow.
I think however, that I did my most growing in February of 2009.
I have reread my posts, and all the wonderful and helpful comments that were so lovingly given.

With all of your help, my beloved ocean, and the fighting between the lil devil and lil angel sitting on my shoulder, I have been able to stay true to myself.

Thanks to the gentle guidance and encouragement that I received from my friends, I have made the best choices for me. My life is full, with my family,and friends, my new husband and his family, who have excepted me as their friend.
It sure has been a great year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Venting

Heavy Seas

My thoughts and emotions are as turbulent as the stormy sea in the above picture.
I am so worried about my guy.
Hubby and I spent a wonderful time together on Wednesday of last week,.
While we were enjoying our time together, I realized that he was in pain.
He said that he has been in pain for the past month but that the last 2 weeks have been really bad.
The way he discribed the pain, it sounds like kidney stones.
I wanted  to go back to the states with him. and see the Dr, but oh no, not my sailor man.
So Thursday morning saw a worried me on my way back to my Canandian home and hubby back to the tugboat.

He called later that  thursday night and said they were on thier way to Alaska,would be gone 14 days.
Never heard from hubby again until tonight Tuesday the 15th.
Due to very bad weather he was not abe to get through on the phone.
Said they were in a cove and had to dtop anchor due to snow, and heavy winds and seas
He did not sound good, and when questioned, he said he has not been doing well, and was in alot of pain.
I am very thankful to the tugboat captian, who is keeping an eye on my sailor.
He has promised to go to the Dr. when he gets in hopefully on the 22nd
So I will be taking time off work to join hubby in the states and make sure that he is looked after.

I am still so amazed at what he and I share, and at how deep our love is.
What I felt for my first 2 husbands was nothing compared to  what I feel for my sailor man.
Well , thank you for listening, and just being afriend
Lil Sam

Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Unexpected treat

I Got a call from my beloved husband late tues night. He was going to be in port wednesday morning until thursday morning. Could I steal away from work for that time period.

Due to my work and the wonderful people I work for and with, I was given the time off.
So off I went early Wednesday morning to meet the ferry, with the blessings of my clients.

Oh how I wanted to jump the fence as I saw him come down the ramp way.
Just to feel those arms of his around me once more.
Well he was finally through customs, and we are finally together,
And once again I am surprised at how much love,joy and happiness a heart can hold without bursting.

After all the hugs and smooches, it was off to find a place for lunch.
During lunch, my loving husband reminded me that I was in trouble.
I could not think why or what he meant, that is until I saw the look in his eyes,
My heart did a double flip, for there was no mistaking that look.
It was a look I had come to know on our honeymoon.
But I still did not know what I was in trouble for.

Well my appetite just went out the window, my mind just kept running ahead of me to our room,

Soon we were at our room, and hubby reminded me that for the past 6 days, I had been very grumpy when he phoned. He reminded me that he had warned me to watch my attitude or I would be in trouble. Guess I was not listening. (nothing new for me, it seems)

That hubby of mine is so fast,and it was not very long before I saw the errors of my ways, for I very soon found myself over his knee.(much to my delight)
He has a way of teasing that soon has me begging to be spanked,.
And he is so good at it, and it was not long before I was promising to be good and watch my attitued.

I remember thinking at one time," I wonder if I am getting into something I am going to regret?"
Now, I am a happy and contented, pampered and well spanked wife, and I love every minute of it.

If this is the joy that we share when we are together for short periods of time, I can only imagine what how great it will be when he retires and we can be together all the time.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Very Happy and Contented Lil Sam

My Oh My, Oh My,

So much has happened since I last posted, I almost don't know where to start.

But before I go any farther I must apologies for neglecting all of my friends who have guided me so tenderly , since I joined you family.

You took a confused lady under you wing and helped me find my way, you never ever judged me, always made me feel very comfortable and welcome.

From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you.

I really must thank Hermione and Bonnie for their comments on my last post.

No Hemione at the time of my last posting my Sailorman Mr B and I had not yet been intimate. Each time I brought up the Spanking subject,in our conversation, my Sailorman(Mr B.) would change the subject.

Mr B and I spent 15 glorious days together the end of June and beginning of July.

3x during our time together, my Sailorman got alittle carried away while we were making love and gave me several firm spanks,much to my delight. It was not til the 3rd time it happened that he actually believed me and realized I did indeed enjoy the spanks. He just was not listening to what I was saying to him.

Our time together ended way to soon, I can home to Canada and back to work, and he back to the ships in Alaska.

Well things went from good to FANTASTIC. In August Mr B and I were married at sunrise on the beach, here in Canada, and headed home to the US to pick up the RV and go camping for 2 wks. As we on our way home, Mr B said he had a surprise for me once we got to our campsite.

Well I know what I was hoping for, but I could not read his expression this time,which is unusual.

 Well, me being me, I had to start teasing him, Sailorman said quite or I would be sorry, and Lil Sam being a very stubborn Lil Sam, did not listen nor see the look, LOL

 The long and short of it, once we got camp set up, Much to my pure delight,
I very quickly found myself over his knee, receiving a bare bottom spanking.
Our lovemaking afterwards was out of this world,

Well that was the first,and by no means the last. My sailor man sure does know how to take care of his Lil SAM, in all ways.

And now when I tell him how much I enjoy his spankings and the way he makes me feel, he actually hears me,

So needles to say, I am one happy newly wed. We still talk about everything.

Although there are times that I will send him an email that starts " Yes lover, It is one of those emails." then he knows that he has to think about what is there and either talk to me or email me. sometimes this is the easiest way for us to get a message across.

My Sailorman has been out on the tugs since end of Oct, hopefully home in time for Xmas, time will tell. It is hard not seeing him every day on the instant messenger, but at least we talk for a few mins on the phone daily.

Well best I go, but I just had to share this part of my new life with all of you, as you have already shared so much of my life with me thus far.

Thank you for being there for me, being my friend, for not judging me, but always guiding me.

Your friend always

Lil Sam