Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogging Family

Our Blogging Family
During the last few days I have been asked what the Spanking Community was like.
Were they really supportive, or was that just talk.

I tried to explain how we support each other.
Never crittical, but always encouraging.
Never judgemental, always supportive
Said the first blog I saw was Bonnie's,  then Hermione's
And from there the friendships just kept growing.

I found a poem, in which I have change a few words.
But for me, it sums up how I see my Blogging Family

Through days of tears and laughter
We found a time to share.....
The days, the months, the years,have formed a kinship
that's beautiful and rare,

Our hearts were made to coincide -
God planned our roles on Earth.....
He created us as  family -
By Love and Friendship - not through our birth.

original poem by author unknown


PK said...

I have found the family here to be the most supportive people I've even know. The poem is great.


ronnie said...

I love being part of this family and yes they all are very supportive Loved the poem.


Hermione said...

Our blogging family is simply the best!!! It means the world to me.

Thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts, Lil Sam.


Bonnie said...

Lil Sam,

Yes, that poem says it well. Thanks for sharing it.


Baby Girl said...

You know, my "real" family knows nothing about the way I live my life or the relationship that I have with Daddy, so I'm actually more honest with our blogging family! :)

Thanks for sharing your lovely poem!

Take care,
Baby Girl :)

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I have never thought of it as a family before...It is nice to know that there are other like minded people out there...It is also interesting reading other peoples thoughts...

Karen x

Florida Dom said...

Lil Sam: Yes, this is a very supportive family and that poem was very good.

I think you're an inspiration to the family because in your '50s you found the love of your life who gives you the spankings you know you need. You showed it's never too late to find happiness.

Continued good luck.


Kat5 said...

I'm just starting to learn what you mean and I have been amazed at how great everyone is. My guy told me it was like that but you don't really know until you experience it. (I was also told you are a wonderful, wonderful lady and I wanted to say thank you.)

Sara said...

Hi There, Elysia sent me over to say 'hello' and I thought the poem was very nice too!

Lil Sam said...

Thank you everone for stopping by and for your comments. And welcome to all New Members. You will find support and friendship here with this wonderful community.
Hugs to all
Lil Sam