Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Unexpected treat

I Got a call from my beloved husband late tues night. He was going to be in port wednesday morning until thursday morning. Could I steal away from work for that time period.

Due to my work and the wonderful people I work for and with, I was given the time off.
So off I went early Wednesday morning to meet the ferry, with the blessings of my clients.

Oh how I wanted to jump the fence as I saw him come down the ramp way.
Just to feel those arms of his around me once more.
Well he was finally through customs, and we are finally together,
And once again I am surprised at how much love,joy and happiness a heart can hold without bursting.

After all the hugs and smooches, it was off to find a place for lunch.
During lunch, my loving husband reminded me that I was in trouble.
I could not think why or what he meant, that is until I saw the look in his eyes,
My heart did a double flip, for there was no mistaking that look.
It was a look I had come to know on our honeymoon.
But I still did not know what I was in trouble for.

Well my appetite just went out the window, my mind just kept running ahead of me to our room,

Soon we were at our room, and hubby reminded me that for the past 6 days, I had been very grumpy when he phoned. He reminded me that he had warned me to watch my attitude or I would be in trouble. Guess I was not listening. (nothing new for me, it seems)

That hubby of mine is so fast,and it was not very long before I saw the errors of my ways, for I very soon found myself over his knee.(much to my delight)
He has a way of teasing that soon has me begging to be spanked,.
And he is so good at it, and it was not long before I was promising to be good and watch my attitued.

I remember thinking at one time," I wonder if I am getting into something I am going to regret?"
Now, I am a happy and contented, pampered and well spanked wife, and I love every minute of it.

If this is the joy that we share when we are together for short periods of time, I can only imagine what how great it will be when he retires and we can be together all the time.

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Hermione said...

He's really got the right idea! you have taught him well.