Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Venting

Heavy Seas

My thoughts and emotions are as turbulent as the stormy sea in the above picture.
I am so worried about my guy.
Hubby and I spent a wonderful time together on Wednesday of last week,.
While we were enjoying our time together, I realized that he was in pain.
He said that he has been in pain for the past month but that the last 2 weeks have been really bad.
The way he discribed the pain, it sounds like kidney stones.
I wanted  to go back to the states with him. and see the Dr, but oh no, not my sailor man.
So Thursday morning saw a worried me on my way back to my Canandian home and hubby back to the tugboat.

He called later that  thursday night and said they were on thier way to Alaska,would be gone 14 days.
Never heard from hubby again until tonight Tuesday the 15th.
Due to very bad weather he was not abe to get through on the phone.
Said they were in a cove and had to dtop anchor due to snow, and heavy winds and seas
He did not sound good, and when questioned, he said he has not been doing well, and was in alot of pain.
I am very thankful to the tugboat captian, who is keeping an eye on my sailor.
He has promised to go to the Dr. when he gets in hopefully on the 22nd
So I will be taking time off work to join hubby in the states and make sure that he is looked after.

I am still so amazed at what he and I share, and at how deep our love is.
What I felt for my first 2 husbands was nothing compared to  what I feel for my sailor man.
Well , thank you for listening, and just being afriend
Lil Sam

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PK said...

If he is toughing out a kidney stone he is amazing. Glad you got him to agree to see a doctor when he gets back. Hope all is well.