Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Influence of True Friends

The Influence of True Friends

I have spent more time of late beside my beloved Ocean.
She seemed as restless as I have been.
But there is a difference between her restlessness and mine.
For her restlessness has a purpose as her powerful waves rushing in to shore and back out to sea.
Mine was born of just plain loneliness and being lost for awhile.
Then I finally admitted, that yes I have been away from the ocean far to long. I desperately needed to sit quiet and hear the answers as they are whispered by the gentle breeze that is caused by the waves. And listen to my heart, for the heart does know.
I thought of my last post, and of the war that raged on for a short while, til my decision was made.
I realised a sense of peace that filled my mind and soul once the decision was made.

I then was able to accept my worth and and realised that what I wanted for myself and for a future partner was not unrealistic.
The type of person I am was brought home to me tonight just before I got home from work.
"This morning I filled in for a co-work with a family whose husband suffers from brain injury and paralyses.
Now I was just filling in for 2 hrs.
The wife call my boss and asked that I be oriented so that I could take over the night position while she goes away in 2 wks time."

I truly feel humble and honoured.
So I spent alittle more time by the sea, and once again felt the familiar grounding of my feet, and the gentle calming of my soul.
When I got home I reread my last post, my last angry email from KT, a grateful one from his wife.
I read all the more than welcome comments from my wonderful friends.
Yes, one day I hope to have a loving relationship that fulfills not only my needs but also those of my partner.
A partner who will be the centre of my world and of whose world I will be the centre of.
When that happens I will surly be sharing it with all of you, for you have all share so much with me already,for which I am truly grateful.
I also re read this verse that was given to me over the weekend, by a wonderful client that is paralyzed from polio.

Just had to share it,

"The world in which you were born is just one model of reality.


they are unique manifestations of the Human Spirit."

So Yes, the Angel may have won, (and the poor wee devil may still be pouting alittle, but she’ll get over it) but the Angel did win, and it is because of the wonderful influence and gentle guidance of good friends.
God Bless all
Lil Sam


Dante d'Amore said...

Wow. What a moving and wonderful post! I, too, love the ocean (as does Tiggs). It always gives me such comfort and fills me with awe, but more so when I am pretty much alone siting on the beach on a moonlit night.

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I can relate to what you wrote...Even down to the sea...When I am feeling really low I often sit on the beach & watch the waves breaking onto the beach...

Ty for sharing...

Karen x

Florida Dom said...

I live a half hour from the ocean so I can relate to this post.
And it's great that you are at peace with your decision.
Since many of the bloggers are women and it's hard for me to be in their shoes, I hate to give advice except to say don't fall into the low self esteem trap and think positive thoughts about yourself and realize your self worth.
I think the important thing is that you spent time thinking about your decision and did what is best for you.
And good luck in finding the right person so you can be the center of his universe and he can be the center of yours.
You deserve some good luck and I hope all the support you've gotten on your blog has been helpful.
Don't give up and keep searching for the right one.