Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and hopefully many new experiences

First of all wishing all my many new friends and their families a Happy New Year and the very Best in 2009
Well for me 2008 was a very interesting year full of ups and downs.
With many goals met and some not,but those that were not met, I will work on.
Met alot of new friends who have encouraged me on my new journey,and who have helped me understand the changes.
I look forward to making and meeting many new goals, making many more new friends.
Hopefully meeting a new spouse, one with similar interest to mine.
It would be fantastic if I were able to celebrate in February, my 58th birthday and 1yr anniversary as a non smoker,
with a new spouse and my very first adult spanking.
Well it is time to go shovel more snow. The best to all of you
lil sam


JaneyRuth said...

Just saying hi. Saw you on Bonnie's blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your words. I hope some of your wishes come true in '09!

Kay xx

Anonymous said...

Hi lil sam:
Just wanted to come by and wish you a New Year filled with many of your dreams and wishes come true.
Take Care
Andrades Girl