Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day

  Happy LOL Day everyone
Wow it sure has been along time since I last posted.
it has been a very busy 2 yrs for me.
Last year was an eye opener for me,
I spent most of it recovering
from a badly broken ankle ,
Learnt  what it was like
to have my independence and mobility
 as I journeyed from
 a wheelchair,
to a walker,
to crutches
to cane.
The first op was to put a plate in
the fibula and 2 large screws in the tibia
the 2nd to remove the 2 screws
due to complication,
 had to run the gauntlet  x2
Being an RCA,
I have always tried to make
things better for those whose independence is
compromised for whatever reason.
But this experience  taught me
2015 started off okay,
then hubby took sick.
that was a long 3 months.
he is now back at sea
I will be so glad when he finally retires
Best part of this year has been
My daughter and I reuniting after
a long 6yrs of not communicating.
and now I anxiously await
As my daughter and two youngest Grandchildren
will be joining me here in the states for Christmas.
Hope this finds you all well and happy
 Blessed Be
Your friend
Lil Sam

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Bonnie said...

Hi Sam,

It's great to hear from you. Welcome back and Happy LOL Day! I will restore your links so that I will remember to stop back.