Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reaching Out



Due to family illness I spent much of March away from home at my sisters.
With my sisters husband’s passing on March 19th , it meant abit more time away, with no free access to a computer. As my darling sister is very nosey and very straight laced.
I have to say that I have really missed all of you. I’ve missed being able
to read all your stories, I've missed the friendship that I feel each time I
visiting one of your sites .

It seems that for now at least, my blog is destined to be about
the changes in my life.
And how very fortunate I am to have such caring friends to share it with.
To say that life has been interesting of late is an understatement.
However I am enjoying the adventure, and I am very thankful that I have all of you to share the adventure with.

With all that has been going on, I have managed to have some
time alone at the beach, a few times the weather has been stormy,
much to my delight. Not only because I love a stormy sea, but also
because it means I get to have the beach all to myself,with the exception of the sea gulls.
As of late, I have been investigating my Irish back ground,
and their involvement in Wicca.
Have gone to a few Wicca meetings and have found them very interesting.
Have met many new friends within that group people.
I have learnt that without really realising it, I have used some the teaching of Wicca in my dealing with my seniors.

Since February 26th. I have been emailing with a gentleman , "Mr B" from Washington.
He is a chief engineer on a freighter.
His emails are fantastic. When Mr B talks about the place that
he is at, one can almost see the things he is talking about.
When he tells me about the stormy weather and the extremely rough
sea, I can almost smell the salt water and feel the spray.
The pictures he sends me, match the images in my mind.
Mr B. has told me so much about his life and his family that
I almost feel as though I would know his family if I were
to suddenly meet them on the street.
Well after about 3 weeks of steady e-mails and IM’S, I finally agreed to exchange phone Numbers.
He has phoned every night since.
Well Mr B said that he was coming to visit in May, as he also has some good friends in the next town over from me.
Easter Sunday Mr B said he was coming to visit and take me out to lunch, Said he would be here on Monday.
Easter Monday I get a phone call from Mr B, he was in town and it was lunch time.
We had lunch together and then spent a great afternoon together,walking the beach, and kite flying. It is amazing how much alike we are, and how much we have in common.
We finishing the day of with a very long,relaxed and enjoyable supper,
after which Mr B drove me home.
A hug and a kiss on the cheek, he was headed back to the States,
as he had to be aboard ship headed for Dutch harbour Alaska Wednesday
morning for the next 6 weeks.
Mr B phoned me Tuesday morning (april 14) just before I left work, just to wish me a good day and to tell me he would be back in 6 wks time.

I know that I will not hear from him until about Friday until the ship gets to where they are going.
This will be the first time since Mr B started phoning that we will not chat at night.
I did not realize until now just how much I looked forward to our nightly chats.
Is it Friday Yet?!



Hermione said...

Welcome back! Mr. B sounds lovely, and he is very lucky to have found you.


ronnie said...

Lil sams, hello, nice to see you back.

I agree with Hermione, Mr. B does sound nice.